Welcome to our cat shop

First-class materials, perfect quality, maximum care - all handmade furniture for cats of Cat Furniture. We are specialists in our field, no challenge is strange to us. The advantage of our cats' furniture is that it occupies the place only where it is not normally used. Thanks to this, our cat's furniture is suitable for apartments of all sizes.

We are the cheapest, even though we manufacture furniture from the same materials with the same care as our competitors. We profit from the E-Shop, advertising, material, labor, and despite all that, we have enough to support cats who have not had so much luck in their lives and do not have their own family. Unlike our competitors, we pay VAT, we pay 1/6 of the price to the state, and yet we're cheaper ... STOP HAMMABILITY - change the Czech market in the field of pet needs! We have come here only thanks to you and your unceasing support - Thank you!

Our furniture for cats is made only from materials from Czech suppliers. By purchasing a product from our E-Shop we support a wide range of Czech companies.